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The skilled and dedicated employees of Barnes Group around the globe are committed to the highest performance standards and achieving consistent, sustainable profitable growth.

BarnesWORX™ Community

Employees of the BarnesWORX™ Community are freelancers who prefer flexible and primarily virtual work arrangements. Their work is project-based, which allows them to act as their own boss while also contributing to Barnes Group’s larger objectives. Available positions may contain some unique, and in high-demand, digitally-focused skills and competencies (e.g., Software Developers, Automation Engineers, Data Scientists) but may also include more business-focused, project-based functional roles in Finance, HR, HS&E, Marketing, and other areas that support our short- and long-term growth strategy.

  • Software Developer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Web Architect
  • Social Media Strategist
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Business Analysis & Planning
  • Human Resources Specialists
  • Cloud Architects
  • Etc.

To find available job opportunities within the BarnesWORX Community, please click below:


Our BarnesWORX Community Project Leaders

Vanessa Poulin

HR & Project Management Professional – Creative Problem Solver - Organizational Developer

As part of Barnes Group since June 2018, I have been excited to be part of the company’s evolution through various strategic initiatives. I’ve held the role of Project Leader with oversight of various HR initiatives across both the Barnes Industrial segment and Barnes Corporate. Within this function, I have had the opportunity to help advance talent development strategies, create meaningful process improvements, and ultimately help the organization in its broader transformation. In my function as Project Leader for the BarnesWORX Community, I look forward to continuing to connect and develop talent to opportunities within Barnes Group, which will help to further the ongoing success of the organization along its transformational journey.

I’m excited to support Barnes in developing our teams globally and manifesting solutions that will maintain the highest standards and help the organization achieve consistent, sustainable, profitable growth.

Andrea Lanese

Seasoned Human Resources Executive – Skill Scout - Talent Cultivator - Outside-the-Box Thinker

During my 15+ years at Barnes, I am proud to say I have been part of its’ evolution and even more excited to contribute to its ongoing transformation. In my role as Director, Global Talent Acquisition and Development, I eagerly partner with business leaders from across the globe to support cultivating a high-performance organization that can take Barnes Group to the next level. In supporting the BarnesWORX Community, one of my key responsibilities is to assist our business leaders in finding the right talent, with the right skills, for the right roles, at the right time. Additionally, working with members of the BarnesWORX Community and their managers, we are working together to find new and exciting ways to innovate and help us profitably grow our business and accomplish BIG things together as “One Team, One Company.” 

Helping Barnes "win" and support our skilled and dedicated employees around the globe to reach their fullest potential and perform at their very best makes every day exciting at Barnes! If you are interested in joining a company that is on the move and contributing to our collective success, I’d love to connect with you and tell you more about how you can make an impact as a member of our BarnesWORX Community. Reach out to me via LinkedIn or @Andrea Lanese (

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